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20 August 2019

Mobile Changing Places Toilets

Please note the Changing Places Consortium is a campaigning body and has no regulatory powers. All Changing Places listed are based on information sent to us by the venue. Any advice, opinion, commercial products or information provided via the Changing Places website is provided in good faith for information and guidance only, in order to assist in developing permanent Changing Places toilets nationwide, and should not taken as a substitute for obtaining your own professional or legal advice on any matter referred to on the Changing Places website.

Mobile CP toilet

Mobile Changing Places toilets are available for hire at large and small events.



The Mobiloo enables all disabled children and adults to use the toilet or be changed with dignity and respect when they wish to go to events and activities – events from which they are too often excluded by the absence of the necessary changing facilities. Find out more here:


Andy Loos mobile Changing Places toilet:

Andy Loos Limited, a leading operator in mobile toilets in the UK and overseas rental market, has a mobile Changing Places toilet available for hire.

The luxury unit is designed to be both luxurious and easy to use for both carers and the disabled person, and includes a fully automatic tracking hoist, height adjustable changing bench, peninsular toilet and plenty of space.

  • Read about the Mobile Changing Places toilet on the Andy Loos website (scroll down to ‘High dependency mobile unit’)
  • Contact Andy Loos


Modular Changing Places




iHus specialise in providing modular Changing Places throughout the UK.

Modular Changing Places provide options for venue's who may be limited with internal space.

For more infor pleaese see website:

Contact info:

+44 (0) 1302 247777

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