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20 April 2018

Join our online forum

Our online forum is a great place to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Whether you are campaigning for Changing Places toilets in your local area or looking to install a Changing Places toilet in your venue, you can:

  • keep up to date with campaign news and developments
  • ask questions
  • exchange information and ideas with other people involved in the campaign from across the UK

The website forum is a closed group and is provided through Yahoo groups. You can join by entering your email address and clicking the button below. Further instructions on how to join the group will then be emailed to you.  

You can choose how you wish to keep in touch with the group -for example you can choose to receive regular email alerts when new information is added, or you can choose to simply log on at your own convenience – meaning your inbox is kept clear.

Sign up now to join the Changing Places online forum.


You may also want to join our Facebook community of over 5000 supporters, run by a campaigner, where you can exchange news an ideas of all things Changing Places. 


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