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20 August 2019

Local Campaigns

Hundreds of people across the UK are campaigning for Changing Places toilets to be installed in their local area.

Local camapigns are a key part of campaign and many of the these local efforts have succeeded in getting Changing Places installed and many more continue to camapaign to increase the numbers of facilities even further.

You can read about some of them here.

Sunderland campaign

Sunderland campaign

Local residents in Sunderland have joined forces to campaign for Changing Places toilets in their local area. They have formed the Sunderland Changing Places Steering Group which involves local peole with a disability as well as carers and service delivery workers and managers.


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The Cambridgeshire Parliament is a forum of 35 people with a learning disability who are elected by their peers from around the county. They hold bi-monthly meetings on subjects of their choosing and invite influential professionals to hear their views with the aim of making changes to the services they receive.


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Two years ago, Jane, Josie and Lynn – known as the ‘three flushketeers!’ – began campaigning for Changing Places toilet in Sheffield.This is really changing lives. For example, the Changing Places toilet at the Royal Hallamshire hospital has enabled people with complex needs to link up with See Ability and access the eye clinic.


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