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18 August 2019

Sarah's blog

My name is Sarah and I am a support worker and a student learning disability nurse, I am very passionate about Changing Places, as the people I support desperately need these facilities.
I believe that having access to toilets is a basic human right, and people in need of these toilets are the only people who are being denied this right. I agree that toilets in airports are so important. I can see in ten years time our generation looking back disgusted by the fact that we don't currently have any.

I have set up 'Changing Places' page on facebook. The purpose of this is mostly awareness, as even people who are on my course didn't realise the importance of these facilities. I am also trying to encourage my followers to write to their local MPs. A woman who has a lovely daughter called Maddie who is in need of these faculties is one of my admins and she regularly posts.

I also have been handing out car stickers to as many people as I can and persuading local shops and pubs to places stickers in there windows as I believe that awareness is the first step in making a change.


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