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21 April 2021



The Changing Places Consortium does not provide equipment for Changing Places but there are a number of manufactures who do and can offer advice as well as talking through your project requirements and costs. 

For impartial information and advice on manufacturers of equipment in your area, you can contact your local Disabled Living Centre. Many Disabled Living Centres are also able to provide assessments for the suitability of products free of charge. You can find your local Disabled Living Centre on the Assist UK website

The Changing Places Consortium works with a sponsor, Aveso, who have expertise in Changing Places and specialist equipment. Aveso is a joint venture between Astor Bannerman andOpeMed; both industry-leading players with over 20 years of experience in accessible toilets and changing equipment. Aveso has been set up to expressly offer a complete service for Changing Places.

You can contact our sponsors Aveso for accurate advice regarding equipment and the installation of your facility.


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