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07 March 2021

10th Anniversary Celebrations


In July this year, the Changing Places consortium will be celebrating the 10th anniversary since our launch back in 2006. To mark this special occasion we have announced July 19th as Changing Places Awareness Day and we will be working with our sponsors Aveso to support the celebrations on this landmark occasion.
Our Campaigners – Changing Places – Changing Lives
The focus of the day will be saying a big “THANK YOU” to all the hundreds of Changing Places campaigners and campaigning organisations across the UK who have made the campaign such a success. It has been their hard work and dedication over the past decade that has made sure Changing Places toilets are available in over 800 venues across the UK with many more to come.  
The campaign has evolved over the years and we have been especially lucky to have had the support of the national and devolved governments of the UK during this time.
The new website and map have increased our reach making it easier for people to plan their journeys and find their nearest Changing Places. Strong campaigning had brought results in areas like football stadia and motorway service stations this past year.
Our presence on social media is huge thanks again to campaigners who spend their own time and resources making sure people get the right information and can talk to each other about their campaigning experiences.
In a word, Changing Places campaigners are inspirational! 
And, thanks to the continuing support of our campaign sponsors Aveso, we have big plans for the coming years as the campaign continues to grow. 
We have something special planned for our campaigners as we reach the 10th anniversary date so please get involved if you can.
Getting Involved
We are now inviting campaigners and supporting organisations to send in their selfies and photos, using the Changing Places campaigners’ selfie kit, taken at the many hundreds of venues across the country. 
On the day itself we will be working with many individuals, families and organisations to make sure we let everyone know why Changing Places are so important in people’s lives. 
Download your selfie kit here
We would also like to publicise your own Changing Places blogs and news stories so please send them to us with your favourite photos for publication. 
There will be a lot of press and social media opportunities too so please email us on: or call 020 7696 6019 to get details and send us your photos and selfies now as we start to prepare for this very special occasion. 
Thank you! 

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