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07 March 2021

The Changing Places campaign is turning 10!


July 19th 2016 marks 10 years since the Changing Places campaign was officially launched! We thought this was a great opportunity to celebrate all that the campaign has achieved and help raise more awareness of the life changing difference Changing Places toilets make to peoples lives. 



Ideas of what you can do...



  • Download our 10th anniversary booklet which celebrates everything the campaign has achieved since 2006 thanks to the incredible support of our passionate campaigners. Email us if you would like a printed copy. 
  • Snap a CPselfie! Take a photo of yourself in or near a Changing Places toilet or holding a sign about Changing Places. If you want to go further, why not print off Alison's amazing CPselfie kit! You can challenge friends and family to do one too. We will be using all the photos for something special on the 19th...
  • Print off some Changing Places bunting or flags (or CPselfie kits!) and host a birthday party for the campaign with your friends and family. 
  • We have drafted a press release that you can send to local radio or newspapers, asking them to raise awareness of Changing Places. 


What some of our campaigners are doing...


Are you doing something to celebrate the 10th birthday? Tell us about it!


Tweet @cp_consortium

Call 020 7696 6019

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