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29 November 2020

Changing Places at Transport Hubs

Campaigning for Changing Places toilets at transport hubs is one of the key areas of campaigning that we undertake as a consortium with the help of our local campaigners.
We have had successes at many airports across the UK including Gatwick and Heathrow while our campaign sponsors Aveso have just installed the latest airport Changing Places at Stansted Airport complete with some very impressive signage. There is a long way to go but airports in Newcastle, Birmingham, Belfast and East Midlands have also provided these vital facilities for their disabled customers.
One area that we get a lot of calls and enquiries about is the need for Changing Places at motorway service stations. There are currently only two motorway service areas at Cherwell Valley and Toddington that have a Changing Places. Historically this is an area that is difficult for our supporters to campaign in. Efforts to encourage motorway service providers to install Changing Places has so far seen limited success.
More train stations are installing Changing Places and the latest to be registered is at Nottingham Railway Station. Kings Cross and Paddington stations now have Changing Places as do Sutton and Swansea.

Swansea can also boast a Changing Places facility at their city bus station as can Harlow in Essex.
We welcome our campaigners getting involved and running local campaigns for Changing Places at transport hubs in their area.
Please keep in touch and see our campaigns pack for more information. An easy read version is available on our website home page

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