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06 July 2020

Changing Places in Germany

The first Changing Places toilet has opened in Germany. It is located in the city centre of Munich opposite a famous Haus der Kunst museum and royal garden (Hofgarten).
The toilet, called “toilets for all” in Germany, has 24/7 access because the building of the “Oberste Baubehörde” (a building of the Bavarian government) where it is located never closes.
Nicola Maier-Michalitsch, who is leading the campaign in Germany visited the Changing Places consortium earlier in the year and said they are looking forward to opening  some more “toilets for all” in summer and autumn. Their goal is to reach 100 in the whole country by 2015!

The official sponsor of the Changing Places campaign is Aveso Ltd.  Aveso hope that its support for the campaign will help it achieve its target of 1000 registered Changing Places toilets within the next three years.

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