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06 July 2020

Chorley Town Hall

Congratulations to Rosemary and Hollie McLean for their campaigning work to get a Changing Places toilet installed in Chorley.

The Changing Places toilet and changing facility is the first of its kind in Chorley town centre and will cater for people who have profound and multiple learning disabilities and other people with severe disabilities who need the support of at least one carer.
The newly installed facility, which is situated in the reception area of Chorley town hall, has been installed by Chorley Council with funding support from Lancashire County Council after the authority was made aware of the lack of facilities in the town centre by local Changing Places campaigner, Rosemary McLean.

Rosemary presented the benefits of having a Changing Places facility to Chorley’s Equality Forum and all of the different groups that make up the forum unanimously agreed that there should be a facility in Chorley town centre.
The Changing Places toilet is larger than a standard accessible toilet and is equipped with a height adjustable changing bench/trolley, a ceiling track hoist, adequate space for a disabled person and up to two carers, a centrally placed toilet with grab bars, a privacy screen/curtain, a wide paper roll to cover the bench and a slip resistant floor.

Councillor Peter Wilson, who is responsible for resources and facilities at Chorley Council, said: “We were disappointed to hear that there was previously no facility of this kind available for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities in Chorley town centre and acted straight away to look at suitable locations.

“The town hall reception area had more than enough space for this facility and we applied to Lancashire County Council for the funding they have available for installing more Changing Places facilities across the area.

“The facility has all of the equipment and support that someone with profound and multiple learning disabilities will need and is easily accessed through the main entrance of the town hall.  We hope it will make people who need these facilities feel even more welcome in our town and hopefully it will ease any concerns they may have about visiting Chorley.”

Lancashire County Councillor for Chorley West, Steven Holgate, added: “The availability of Changing Places facilities allow people with profound and multiple learning difficulties to visit towns in Lancashire and enjoy days out in the knowledge that suitable facilities are available nearby to meet their toileting and changing requirements.

“The Changing Places consortium has recommended that facilities are provided in town centres and we have been working with a number of district councils over the last year to help facilitate and fund these facilities.  We are pleased that the Changing Places facility is now open in Chorley town hall and hope it will help people who require such facilities to enjoy the same opportunities in Chorley as everyone else.”

Local Changing Places campaigner,  Rosemary McLean, added:  “We welcome and celebrate the opening of the excellent Changing Places facility in Chorley town hall as a much needed facility. 

“People who need a Changing Places toilet will now be able to visit Chorley town centre without having to worry about any toileting concerns.  There will also be a benefit for the local area as more people and carers will choose to come to Chorley rather than shop in another town.”

The Changing Places facility is located on the ground floor of Chorley town hall on Market Street.

It is available Monday to Friday, 8.45am until 5pm.  It is now one of more than 500 Changing Places toilets in the UK and the third such facility in the Chorley borough.

For more information on Changing Places and where to find a Changing Places facility, please visit

The official sponsor of the Changing Places campaign is Aveso Ltd.  Aveso hope that its support for the campaign will help it achieve its target of 1000 registered Changing Places toilets within the next three years.

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