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06 July 2020

Conference Speakers Update

Samantha Buck:

Alfie’s mum, Samantha Buck, shares her experiences, explaining why she often has to change her son on the floor of a public toilet.
Samantha said: “My youngest son was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy (massive brain damage) due to being starved of oxygen at birth. We go into Town on a regular basis to shop, have lunch, and meet up with other mums for coffee with their disabled children/teenagers in same situation. When he was 5 years old we were given a RADAR key to access the disabled toilets in Horsham which I was very pleased with, until I actually used the disabled toilet I realised that “disabled loos” are not for the severely disabled. I have to lay my son on a urine soaked floor inside the disabled loo, with the 2nd carer standing outside with the wheelchair they have to pass to me the changing accessories through the open door for all passers by to view, this is one of the most awful experiences I have to face every time I come into Horsham Town.”

Dawn Fidler:

Dawn joins us from The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity which was launched in August 2013, celebrating Josh's 13th Birthday, with the dual aims of providing financial help and advice & support to children with brain tumours and post surgery disabilities, as well as making the world ‘changing friendly.’
Joshua’s brain tumour was discovered when he was three and a half years old. It was the essential, life-saving surgery that left him with neuromuscular disabilities resulting in him needing one to one care & support for all aspects of his life.
Dawn said: “We’ve always talked about the ‘changing’ issue. We only came across the Changing Places campaign as we were launching our charity, and decided to get in touch because we share such similar aims and, together we will be stronger. Our dream would be for a changing places toilet in every area and that decision-makers and businesses will work with groups and campaigners like ours to raise money and to raise awareness.”

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