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21 April 2021

Crawley Campaign Success

Congratulations to Changing Places campaigner Maria Cook for her success in securing funding for a new Changing Places facility at County Mall in Crawley.

The money comes from West Sussex County Council's Members' Big Society Fund which has been set aside to support social projects. 
Maria said: "It's been two years that I've been campaigning to bring a fully inclusive, fully accessible Changing Places to Crawley because at this present time there is nothing for children that can't use top down changers any more. In this day and age it's not right. It's a basic human right. To make this happen is a dream come true."
Full article here
About our Sponsor: Aveso
Aveso is the proud sponsor of the Changing Places campaign, working to make the specification of Changing Places disabled toilets and equipment a simple task. Our aim is to make the provision of a Changing Places toilet seamless and easy, starting with free impartial expert advice through every stage of design, supply, installation and maintenance of all the items needed.
Aveso is a dedicated company which has specialist expertise in Changing Places and specialist equipment, our mission together is to help the Changing Places Campaign achieve its target of 1,000 registered Changing Places Toilets within the next few years - We are committed to Making Changing Places Happen.

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