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07 March 2021

How Far Would You Go?


The 10th anniversary of the Changing Places campaign is fast approaching and we are delighted that so many campaigners across the UK are hosting events to highlight the need for more Changing Places toilets. 
As part of the CHANGING PLACES AWARENESS DAY celebrations our development officer Mike, along with Raymond from the British Toilet Association, will be taking part in an “URGENT RUN” across London on Tuesday 19th July.
Mike and Raymond will be running to four landmark Changing Places venues in the city and launching the #howfarwouldyougo? awareness campaign promoting the new national map and register which was developed by the British Toilet Association and the Changing Places Consortium funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government.
Supporters can sign up on the new map website and find their nearest Changing Places toilet by visiting Find out how far you would have to go to visit the toilet if you needed a Changing Places. 
The route:
Mike and Raymond will be starting from the Mencap office and will be running to…… 
and crossing the finishing line at……..
People are also welcome to join Mike and Raymond at the venues along the route for selfies and support which will be greatly appreciated on the day. Venue meeting times will be sent out soon.
Please keep sending in your anniversary event information for the website and social media so that we can make sure you get the support you deserve from the wider community on the day.
The 10th Anniversary celebration document will be available soon so please email us if you would like a copy at: 

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