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21 April 2021

Libraries Change Lives

Bradford Central LibraryBradford Central Library has been named this year's winner of the annual Libraries Change Lives award.

The library has been made an accessible place for people with a learning disability to visit, boasting a Changing Places toilet, a learning centre and the Sign Posting project - a support service based in the library and run by Bradford district care trust.

The facilities at the library have enabled eight adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities to complete a 10-week communication skills programme, and many other adults with a learning disability are making use of what's on offer.

"We are delighted to see the facilities at Bradford Central Library recognised through this award", says Beverley Dawkins, Chair of the Changing Places Consortium. "Bradford should be congratulated for their continuing leadership in the provision of Changing Places toilets in key venues throughout their city, which really do change lives".

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