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21 April 2021

March 2016 - Monthly Update

An easy read version is available here.

Campaigns Update

Changing Places campaigners have been really busy this month including a great campaign from Sarah Brisdian in the Southampton area as a new Changing Places opened at Longdown Activity Farm. Link here 
Campaigner Lorna Fillingham has been speaking this month on BBC Radio Humberside about the need for more Changing Places toilets which you can listen to here (1 hour and 10 minutes in). A great interview covering some very important points.
Congratulations to Sarah Mitchell who coordinates the Changing Places community facebook page which now has over 13,000 likes. Sarah has been supporting many, many campaigners over the past month to get their messages and stories out to a wider audience and the community page is full of interesting features, comments and issues. Link here
After a strong campaign Alison Beevers has secured commitment from Retford council to install a Changing Places toilet. Alison is hosting two fundraising events in the coming few weeks. Please support if you can. Details here 
A huge thank you all Changing Places campaigners across the UK. Please keep sending us your campaign updates, news stories and of course your Changing Places selfies!
Disabled Access Day
March the 12th was Disabled Access Day and our campaign sponsors Aveso produced a top 5 places to visit graphic which was very popular on social media. Link to Aveso twitter feed here
Thanks to all involved in supporting the day and highlighting the need for more Changing Places across the UK. 
Campaign supporters Accessible Derbyshire were involved in the day and have been doing a superb job as usual in raising awareness for Changing Places.  Please have a look at their twitter account here and find out more.
There are many organisations that work with the Changing Places consortium and our campaign sponsors Aveso to help spread the word about the need for Changing Places across the UK. 
Other News
The Wheel Inn is the first pub in Scotland to have a Changing Places toilet installed. Congratulations to all involved in this and many other projects happening in Scotland. Link here
This month we were visited by a group French social work students adding to the many countries outside the UK interested in the Changing Places campaign.
The latest facebook campaign in Europe has been opened by  “Changing Places Sweden
10th Anniversary Celebrations
Plans are underway for celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Changing Places campaign. The campaign was launched officially on 19th July 2006 and we are working on the plans with consortium partners and our campaign sponsors Aveso.  
We added 13 Changing Places toilets to the map this month and there are now 828 Changing Places toilets registered.

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