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06 July 2020

More campaigner news

Next year the Changing Places campaign will be celebrating its 10th anniversary. Our successes across the UK over the past 10 years would not have happened without the ongoing campaigning by families and individuals who make sure people are aware of the need for Changing Places toilets in all public places and buildings. Lorna Fillingham has been campaigning in Scunthorpe and the surrounding areas for more Changing Places and managed to get some great local media coverage in the press and on television.

Link here to the Scunthorpe telegraph:

Link here to local TV news coverage:

Lorna is also running a petition to ask for Changing Places to be mandatory in all public places mentioned in the British Standard 8300.

We would like to thank Lorna and all our campaigners across the UK for making the Changing Places campaign such a success and look forward to future campaigning.

Find our more about Changing Places campaigning here:

About our Sponsor: Aveso
Aveso is the proud sponsor of the Changing Places campaign, working to make the specification of Changing Places disabled toilets and equipment a simple task. Our aim is to make the provision of a Changing Places toilet seamless and easy, starting with free impartial expert advice through every stage of design, supply, installation and maintenance of all the items needed.
Aveso is a dedicated company which has specialist expertise in Changing Places and specialist equipment, our mission together is to help the Changing Places Campaign achieve its target of 1,000 registered Changing Places Toilets within the next three years - We are committed to Making Changing Places Happen.

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