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21 April 2021

More support for Changing Places campaign

We are delighted to have support for our campaign from the Colostomy Association. Many thousands of people can benefit from the installation of a Changing Places toilet including people living with a stoma.  The Changing Places consortium will work with potential providers, developers and official campaign sponsors Aveso to encourage the inclusion of  colostomy shelves as highlighted on page 52 of our Practical Guide for Developers. Link here.              

A message from the Colostomy Association:

“It is estimated that around 1 in 500 people in the UK live with a stoma. For individuals living with an Ostomy, most toilet facilities across the UK do not meet their needs. The requirements for a stoma-friendly loo are simple: a hook on the door for hanging clothes and luggage, a shelf for changing supplies and a sanitary bin for discreet disposal.

The Colostomy Association is incredibly proud to be working with the Changing Places consortium, not only to improve facilities for those living with a stoma, but all users of accessible toilets in the UK. Through this collaboration we hope that we can come closer to achieving our vision of a world where having a stoma is no barrier to living a full or active life.”

Find out more about the Colostomy Association here:

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