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29 November 2020

University Hospital of Wales

Improved facilities have just opened within the University Hospital of Wales Outpatients Department, thanks to a visitor suggestion and support from Mencap Cymru. 
Elaine Gee is delighted that the Health Board responded to her suggestion to install a Changing Places toilet.  Elaine’s daughter Mandy has a learning disability, and suggested building the toilet after visiting her in hospital last year.  Elaine said: “I’m very pleased to see this toilet is now available.  It is a real improvement for people like my daughter who need extra assistance.”   
Mike Spencer, Assistant Director of Patient Experience at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, said: “The Changing Places toilet we have installed is the first in any hospital in Wales.  We hope people who cannot use standard toilets for disabled people find that this vastly improves their experience within the University Hospital of Wales.  I’m delighted that together with Mencap Cymru, we have improved things for families like Elaine and Mandy’s.”
Wayne Crocker, Mencap Cymru’s director added: “We congratulate the health board on this installation, and encourage other hospitals in Wales to follow their good example.   Without Changing Places toilets, families jeopardise their own health and safety to change their son or daughter on a toilet floor – something which is dangerous, unhygienic and undignified.  People with a learning disability will often have additional health needs, so it’s vital to have fully accessible spaces like these in our hospitals.”
The Changing Places campaign is run by the Changing Places Consortium. 

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