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29 November 2020

World Toilet Day

Its World Toilet Day next Wednesday 19th November.
World Toilet Day focuses on the importance of sanitation and aims to raise awareness about the 2.6 billion people (nearly half the world's population) who don't have access to toilets and proper sanitation. In the UK, the water charity WaterAid use World Toilet Day to raise awareness of sanitation issues.
The Urgent Run is World Toilet Organization’s global advocacy campaign for UN World Toilet Day 2014. It is a global mobilization event that involves citizens around the world joining or organising a run to draw attention to the urgent calls for action to end the sanitation crisis. More here.

The Changing Places consortium will be taking part in the BIG SQUAT on World Toilet Day at 11am as we did last year. We raise the issue of the need to improve world sanitation and the need for more Changing Places toilets in the UK and across the world.

If you are squatting for World Toilet Day please let us know and send us your photos on twitter to @CP_Consortium

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