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18 February 2019

Real life stories

Read how Changing Places are Changing Lives 

Kunal is cared for by his mum. When they are out in the community they need to use a Changing Places toilet. Kunal is a tall, well-built man and needs a hoist to transfer him from his wheelchair to the changing bench – it is impossible for his mum to lift him. But there are no Changing Places facilities that Kunal can use.


My name is Sam and I am a student. A few years ago I was privileged to care for Thomas – a disabled boy with cerebral palsy. Thomas was 10 years-old when we went on an organised holiday, travelling all around the north west.


Julie is a young woman who lives in Newcastle. She has profound and multiple learning disabilities, meaning that both her physical and learning needs are very complex. She needs 24-hour support with all aspects of her care, including going to the toilet.

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