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22 July 2019

Leroy Binns: Changing Places Blog


 "My name is Leroy Binns. I work in the Campaigns and Policy team as a campaigns assistant and on the Changing Places campaign. Mencap is also part of the Changing Places consortium.
What have I been doing on the Changing Places campaign?
As I am a big football fan I have been put in charge of writing to all football clubs trying to get them to put Changing Places toilets in their football stadium. We have got two at the moment: Preston North End and Tranmere Rovers but there is room for a lot more of them .

I have also been doing presentations all over the UK about the campaign. I did a presentation in Oxford about the "Getting To Know You" project but I knew that there were some council people at this meeting so I brought Changing Places into play at the same time and because of that they now have about two Changing Places toilets there.

I have written to all learning disability partnership boards about the Changing Places toilet campaign. I have also written to all airports in the UK about the Changing Places Toilet campaign.

You can help too by campaigning in your local area to your local authority council Partnership Boards and shopping centres. Also your local MP and leisure centres and all other big public places that you know of about the Changing Places Toilet Campaign.

When we first started the campaign about four years ago we only had eight now we have got over 250 but there is still room for a lot more of them with your help and support we can get over 400 of them. You can also look on the Changing Places website at

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