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18th Aug 2021

Signs are a real help for users of Changing Places toilets. The Changing Places symbol is increasingly recognised and should always be displayed at a Changing Places venue. To get signage files for a registered Changing Places toilet please contact  


Signs with the Changing Places symbol should be at the entrance to the toilet, inside the venue and on appropriate street signage.


Public Toilet Entrances If the Changing Places toilet is located by other toilets, then the Changing Places symbol should be displayed alongside all the usual toilet symbols, including that of standard accessible (disabled) toilets.
Door signage is essential. We recommend that the Changing Places symbol is displayed on the door of the toilet.

As the symbol is not always recognised by everyone, you may want to add the words "Changing Places Toilet" underneath.

Additional information stating what a Changing Places toilet is and how you can gain access, could be provided if felt necessary.

Signs inside the venue
 should give directions to all toilets, including the Changing Places toilet.

It is recommended that signs are at the entrance of the building and then at regular intervals along a clear route to the Changing Places facility.

Larger venues with greater numbers of visitors should locate signage overhead too so that it is visible when crowds fill the area.

Street signage to alert users to the location of the Changing Places toilet is also important.

 For more information on using the Changing Places symbol click here

 Health and Safety information in the Changing Places toilet

We recommend that "Guidance for Use" is displayed on the wall in the Changing Places toilet. You should state the manufacturer's maximum weight limit for the hoist and changing bench, as well as instructions on how to use the hoist and height adjustable equipment. 

There is an example here of such infomation.


Information online
Venues that have a website could display information about their Changing Places toilet online. Information on the website may include:

  • What a Changing Places toilet is 
  • That a sling needs to be brought by the user
  • Access arrangements
  • Opening times
  • Who to contact if there is a problem


Where to get the Changing Places symbol and signs

The Changing Places symbol and Adobe Illustrator files suitable for sign makers can be obtained by email from  

Ready-made Changing Places signs are available from manufacturer N&C Phlexicare. To request a catalogue telephone 020 8586 4600 or email (please note this does not constitute a recommendation).