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Changing Places Awareness Day

The Changing Places campaign was officially launched in July 2006. In celebration, the Consortium decided to make July 19th an annual awareness day for the campaign. Changing Places Awareness day is all about celebrating all that the campaign has achieved to date thanks to the dedicated support of all our incredible campaigners.

It is also an opportunity to help raise more vital awareness of the life changing difference Changing Places toilets make to peoples lives - not just in the UK but around the world!

Countdown to the next annual
Changing Places toilet awareness day:

Today is Changing Places Awareness Day 2024!

It is a day dedicated to making a noise about what Changing Places toilets are and why they are so important.

Some resources which you can use on the day...

We are busy developing lots more tools to help you make a noise on the day so keep an eye on this page!

Don't forget to use the awareness day logo too...

Download logo

Download our Changing Places Message Card and tell us why Changing Places toilets matter to you. It would be great if you could share your pictures on social media on the day using the hashtag #CPAD2024

CPT Message Card

Take a photo using the Changing Places Selfie Kit (originated by the Wonderful Alison Beevers) and share it with us online.

CPT Selfie Card

Share the venue statistics below to show how different venue types are performing in terms of providing Changing Places toilets.

Venue statistics

Share the case study quotes below to show the positive difference Changing Places toilets make. You can see an example below.

Case Study Quotes

Write to your MP and ask them to show their support for the campaign.

You can use our template letter.

Letter to your MP

Running an event? Here is a press release which you can use to promote it.

Press Release

There are lots of helpful tips in our Local Campaigners Toolkit.

Campaigners Toolkit

Download our campaigns leaflet (or email us for some hard copies)

Campaign Leaflet

Send a letter to your local newspaper editor asking them to raise awareness of the campaign.

Letter template

Case Study Quotes

    What will we be doing on the day...

    If you are planning an event or want to get involved in Changing Places Awareness Day, please get in touch!

    • 1

      We’ll be announcing the official openings of some exciting new Changing Places toilets.

    • 2

      We’ll be reaching out to the media to ask them to help us raise awareness.

    • 3

      We’ll be encouraging venues with a Changing Places Toilet to participate in the day.

    • 4

      We’ll be making a lot of noise on social media including sharing some infographics displaying key statistics which highlight the importance of the campaign.


    UK Venue statistics