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What are we campaigning for?

18th Jul 2021

Put simply, we want to see Changing Places Toilets installed in all public venues, so that everyone, regardless of their access needs or disability or reliance on the assistance of carers or specialist equipment, can use a toilet facility with dignity and hygienically!

People with profound and multiple learning disabilities or with physical disabilities such as spinal injuries, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis often need extra equipment and space to allow them to use the toilets safely and comfortably.

These needs are met by Changing Places toilets. Changing Places Toilets enable anyone, regardless of their disability, to go to the shops, attend hospital appointments, enjoy community life, socialise and travel. All the things that most of ustake for granted every day. Changing Places toilets should be provided in addition to standard accessible toilets.

We would like to see Changing Places toilets installed in the following types of venues:

• City and Town centres
• Shopping centres
• Arts and Cultural venues, such as museums, galleries and theatres
• Hospitals
• Transport hubs such as train stations, airports and motorway service stations
• Leisure complexes
• Sports stadiums
• Arenas
• Entertainment venues, such as pubs & restaurants
• Attractions, such as theme parks and zoos