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100th Changing Places Toilet Opens

14th Aug 2009

100th Changing Places Toilet Opens

A huge recent increase in the number of Changing Places toilets has seen the 100th Changing Places toilet open.

Following on from the successes of Learning Disability Week the Tinsley Green Children's Centre in Sheffield has opened, making it the 100th Changing Places toilet in the UK.

Over the past few weeks, the numbers of Changing Places toilets we are being made aware of has quickly increased showing that there is a growing support behind the campaign to get Changing Places installed in all big public buildings.

The progress that is being made, especially over recent weeks, is welcome and great news for the thousands of people who are able to enjoy days out with their families as a result.

However, there are 230,000 people in the UK who would benefit from Changing Places toilets. This means that more Changing Places toilets are still needed, and we will be looking forward to watching the continued growth in the number of toilets as a result of the campaign.

You can still get involved in supporting the campaign by signing the online petition calling for the government to make sure that all new public buildings have a Changing Places toilet.