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2017 Disabled Access Day

24th Jan 2017

  2017 Disabled Access Day

This Years Disabled Access Day will be taking place on the 11th and 12th of March.


Disabled Access Day is all about visiting somewhere new, whether that’s a cinema, coffee shop, museum or anywhere else. It’s about creating opportunities for disabled people to try something new in an atmosphere of cooperation, safety and fun and we hope that many people across the UK will join us and share their experiences.

The ask is simple in that we ask venues and organisations to invite people to come along and see what they are doing, what they offer and how inclusive they are for everyone. Create an opportunity for people to try something new and talk about it online using our new hashtag! #YouandSomewhereNew

Changing Places is delighted be working alongside Disabled Access Day, and we are pleased that there will be venues with Changing Places toilets who are throwing open their doors or holding events. Everything from the Houses of Parliament through to Worthing Leisure Centre and the Tate Modern.
Paul Ralph, founder of Disabled Access Day said:
 “I’m delighted to see Changing Places venues joining in the many places that are taking part in Disabled Access Day. It’s a great opportunity for us all to work together to demonstrate how important Changing Places are for so many of us. Often, once people see what a Changing Places toilet is like they are encouraged to help create more. Let’s hit 1,000 across the nation this year!”
We encourage people to take part in the days, and please take pictures of any excellent accessible venues that include a Changing Places Toilet.
For more infomation on how you can take part in the day visit their website where you can sign up your event or register as individuals taking part.