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Changing Places Awareness Day - 19th July

16th Jun 2021

Changing Places Awareness Day 

The Changing Places campaign was officially launched in July 2006. In celebration, the Consortium decided to make July 19th an annual awareness day for the campaign. Changing Places Awareness day is all about celebrating all that the campaign has achieved to date thanks to the dedicated support of all our incredible campaigners. It is also an opportunity to help raise more vital awareness of the life changing difference Changing Places toilets make to peoples lives - not just in the UK but around the world! 

Countdown to the next annual Changing Places toilet awareness day: 

 Changing Places Awareness Day Countdown

 Tools you can use on the day... 

We are busy developing LOTS more tools to help you make a noise on the day so keep an eye on this page! 



What will we be doing on the day...

  • We will be announcing the official openings of some exciting new Changing Places toilets.

  • Reaching out to the media to ask them to help us raise awareness.

  • Encouraging venues with a Changing Places toilet to participate in the day.

  • We will be making a lot of noise on social media including sharing some infographics displaying key statistics which highlight the importance of the campaign.

Planning something or want to get involved in Awareness Day? Email us on