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Current call to action

16th Jun 2021

Current call to action

Our campaigners have played a central role in the success of the Changing Places campaign. 


The aim of this page is to give campaigners an idea of who to target when trying to get a Changing Places installed.



The National Trust

The National Trust is responsible for places across the country that many of us love. From houses, buildings and gardens to coast and countryside, these historic and beautiful sites should be open for all to enjoy.

However, most National Trust properties and venues do not have Changing Places toilets. This creates difficulties for many people and their families and prevents them from enjoying what the National Trust has to offer. We want to change this.


We believe all National Trust properties should follow the examples of Giants Causeway and Divis and the Black Mountain by installing a Changing Places. 


Staff who work for the National Trust are already showing enthusiasm for Changing Places but we need to help them make a strong case by showing the demand for facilities to be installed. 


So, we are asking our campaigners to contact National Trust venues near them to tell them about the importance of Changing Places toilets and ask them to consider installing one so that nobody is excluded. 

Using the National Trust website, you can find out what sites are near you and then get in touch with them by using the listed contact details. We have prepared a template letter to help you with this. Any parts of the letter that you need to edit are in red. 


Working with the National Trust, we can make sure that the places it protects are open for everyone to enjoy, as they should be.