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1st Jun 2021

Mick has written a piece from the perspective of his daughter, Emily. 

"Hi! My name is Emily. I am 7 years old. I have a rare genetic disorder. I am non-mobile and unable to verbally communicate. I do enjoy sensory play. I love to grab hold of people's hair. I listen to music. I flap my arms around.

My occasional smile can light up a room.

Like many other children I like to go on holiday, play outdoors and visit friends. Unlike many other children I cannot use the toilet. I wear a pad. Many places have disabled toilets but they are no use to me. I can't use the baby changing facilities because, obviously, I'm not a baby. I am too big for a baby changer.

I don't like being changed on a dirty toilet floor. Nor do I like being changed outside in the car park, behind a hedgerow or in the back of a van. It's not hygienic. It's not nice. Like everybody else I have a right to privacy.

Sometimes, a park or cafe will have a Changing Places Toilet. A hoist and a changing bed. My pad is changed. I can lie down safely. My mum and Dad don’t hurt their backs. I am treated with respect and decency. I don't ask for much.

The Changing Places Campaign needs publicity. Visit the site below and join the campaign to install Changing Places toilet facilities in all large public spaces."