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Exciting news...

27th Apr 2017

Good news for Changing Places... 


Earlier this week the Women and Equalities Committee published a report on the barriers experienced by disabled people in the built environment. Importantly, the report made a specific mention of Changing Places toilets. 


There were some encouraging recommendations around Changing Places including:  


  • Calling for an update to the requirements of Part M Vol. 2’s approved document to include a requirement to provide a Changing Places toilet in all large building developments which are open to the public, unless it can be demonstrated that adequate provision is already in place locally. 
  • Asking that action plan on the accessibility of public transport, currently being developed by the Department for Transport, include action to improve the availability of accessible and Changing Places toilets in transport infrastructure.
The Government is now considering these recommendations.
These are really exciting developments that could have a huge impact on the campaign and the availability of Changing Places toilets in England. Consortium members PAMIS will also be working to strengthen legislation in Scotland.  

We'd like to say a big thank you to the parents and tireless campaigners quoted in the report. Your words gave life to the daily struggles faced by thousands of families when Changing Places toielts are not available. You can read the report here. We will keep you updated on any progress. 


In addition, there was also another fantastic feature around Changing Places as part of Channel 4's No Go Britain series. The piece explored how the Governmet is failing on disabled access. If you missed it you can watch it again here. 

As always, thank you to all of you who campaign so tirelessly for Changing Places toilets. Let's hope that these changes come into force soon and that Changing Places become common place.