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Government recommends Changing Places toilets

8th Jun 2009

Government recommends Changing Places toilets

Government recommends Changing Places toiletsA committee set up by the Department for Communities and Local Government to investigate the problem of Britain’s declining public toilets has recommended that local authorities provide public toilets that cater for severely disabled people.

The Changing Places consortium gave written and oral evidence to the committee highlighting the need for Changing Places toilets in towns and cities across the UK.

Beverly Dawkins, Changing Places Consortium spokesperson, comments:

“We strongly welcome the Community and Local Government Committee’s report calling for all local authorities to reverse the decline in the number of public toilets.

“The report recommends the need for better provision of disabled toilets. The government must accept this recommendation and encourage more local authorities to provide Changing Places toilets that cater for severely disabled people.

“For many families caring for a severely disabled family member having a toilet that caters for their needs in a town centre or shopping mall opens up a world of opportunity. Without these specialist facilities many feel trapped because their needs have not been considered.

“To continue this work the Changing Places Consortium is continuing to campaign for toilets that are spacious and clean, with suitable equipment for severely disabled people.”