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July 2017- Monthly Update

25th Aug 2017

July 2017- Monthly Update

July really has been a fantastic month for the Changing Places campaign with our 1000th toilet getting registered! It also brought our current registrations for 2017 to 100. To achieve that number of Changing Places toilets in 7 months shows what an impact the campaign is making. Over the past few years, we have averaged 100 registrations throughout a whole 12 months, so this year will see a significant increase in the total registered in a year- watch this space... 


Changing Places Awareness Day and 1000th Registration

On this year’s Changing Places Awareness Day, we registered our 1000th toilet. The 1000th Changing Places toilet was none other than Retford Changing Places. Retford being the 1000th could not of been a more suitable fit, as it’s a location that some of our local campaigners fought hard to get and showcases how vital all our local campaigners are to the campaign. 

 You can read all about the tireless effort that was put into getting this Changing Places installed in the area in 1000th Changing Places Toilet News Story.

Premiership Football club news

West Bromwich Albion are the latest Premiership football club to install and get their Changing Places toilet registered. This was all part of the club improving overall disabled access to to their stadium.

Leicester City Football Club, also sent through their registration form and is now showing on our map.

This brings the currentt number of Premiership football clubs to have installed and registered Changing Places toilets up to 9.



News from UK major visitor attraction

Warner Brothers- Harry Potter Studio Tours, is the latest major UK attraction to have installed Changing Places toilet.

This is yet another example of a lot of hard from from some of our local campaigners paying off, and shows us what amazing results can be achieved through passionate campaigning.


News from Northern Ireland

This month saw us registering our second Changing Places toilet of the year in Northern Ireland with Glen Caring sent through a registration for their Domiciliary care office. 

This brings the total number of Changing Places toilets within Northern Ireland up to 17. We are aware of all the hard work that is being done in Northern Ireland to get more Changing Places toilets installed over thereand look forward to registering more throughout the year.


Unregistered Changing Places Toilets

Please continue to let us know if you spot any Changing Places toilets which do not appear on the map, by contacting


We would also like to thank everyone for their patience when it came to completing registrations this month and getting locations/venues appearing on our map. With Changing Places awareness day and the volume of registrations received this month, we experienced a bit of delay but are now back on track!



Changing Places registered this month:

The have been 26 toilets added to the map this month. Bringing the total number of registered Changing Places up to 1017 as of the end of July 2017.