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Kerry's story

27th Oct 2021

Kerry has a form of muscular dystrophy and needs access to Changing Places toilets. She writes a blog about her experiences of living with her disability. we asked Kerry to tell us about the importance of Changing Places toilets in her life. 

 "Hi I'm Kerry, from Milton Keynes. I have a form of muscular dystrophy (FHL1). I live with my husband who is my full-time carer. We live in a beautiful purpose built bungalow for the disabled.

Taking a simple trip out these days can be a military operation. We have a check list of things to take, especially if it's more than a few hours out. The biggest problem I face when going anywhere is when it comes to using accessible toilets. I find some are simply too small to fit me, wheelchair plus hubby- it can sometimes feel very claustrophobic.

The misplaced sink or baby changing table, that I've had many a head knock from, can make maneuvering tricky or near impossible so, sometimes, having to hold it in until I get home is the only option. However, I have and suffer with IBS so many occasions holding it in has nearly ended in disaster!

I sometimes have to limit what I drink just in case the accessible toilet isn't big enough or hasn't got the right equipment to help me. Other times I find myself limiting my time out because you just can't risk the embarrassment of having an accident- which is exactly what I'm doing more times than I care to admit to."


"I shouldn't have to worry about the most basic thing we all need to do. Having to plan going out for a meal or just food shopping with researching a place just to make sure the accessible toilets are suitable (and nine times out of ten there's nothing written about the accessible toilet, just the universal symbol to say there is one) then it's pot luck if they're even clean or filled with mops buckets and signs. You'd be amazed at the "wonders" that can be found in an accessible toilet-mannequins has got to be the weirdest one so far!!

So when I found out about the Changing Places campaign, I so wanted to get involved and help spread the word on how important these Changing Places toilets are to so many people and families."