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March 2017- Monthly Update

24th Apr 2017


March 2017- Monthly Update 

It has been a busy month with a lot of Changing Places activity and registrations taking place. We have passed the 950 mark and continue to make excellent progress towards hitting the 1000 Changing Places Toilet mark in 2017!


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March saw the annoucement of the winner of the People’s Choice Award Changing Places Toilet of the Year 2016. Massive congratulations again to Cornwall Services, and thank you to everyone who voted. It was lovely to read such glowing comments about the Changing Places toilets you all voted for. 


Premiership Football Clubs

Consortium member Mencap launched a Campaign calling on Premiership football clubs to uphold their promise made in 2015 to install Changing Places toilets by August 2017.

Currently only 7 Premiership clubs have a Changing Places toilet within their stadiums. We ask that our campaigners continue to keep pressure on the other 13 clubs to install.
We had some great media coverage and really positive responses to the campaign. You can read some of the coverage from the links below:

Alton Towers

This month we registered not one but two Changing Places toilets at Alton Towers. This was a great achievement which resulted from a lot of hard work from some of our fantastic campaigners- congratulations on all your hard work paying off! 
We look forward to continuing to work with Merlin Entertainments and hope to see them install a Changing Places within all there UK attractions.

The Portal in Irvine 

We think it is great when a venue installs one Changing Places toilet but when a venue goes above and beyond and installs multiple Changing Places then we believe this is worth celebrating.
The Portal in Irvine, Scotland did exactly that. In doing so, they have ensured that their venue is fully accessible by installing three Changing Places toilets. 

New Changing Places

There has been 26 new toilets added to the map this month. There are now 954 Changing Places toilets listed on the current map.