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People's Choice Award 2016

22nd Mar 2017

People's Choice Award 2016 

We are excited to tell you that the landslide winner of the People’s Choice Changing Places Toilet of the Year 2016 is Cornwall Services!

The award was presented by Rachel George and her son Adam who are both active campaigners for Changing Places and hoist / changing assisted toilets for those with additional needs in Cornwall (Follow Rachel’s her online blog here). They were delighted to present the award to Alex Lawson of Cornwall Services.

Rachel and Adam initially visited Cornwall Services with a whole range of their own equipment and carers to help Adam, when Cornwall Services Manager Alex Lawson spotted and spoke to them to find out why so much equipment was needed. From then on he was introduced to the campaign and within months Cornwall Services were inviting Rachel and Adam back to the official opening.
Many people have said with the addition of the Changing Places toilet, Cornwall Services has evolved for both Cornish residents and tourists into a destination, not just a stop along the way. With an indoor activity centre, shops and places to eat, those in need of Changing Places toilets have somewhere to come and be welcomed.


What a deserving winner- congratulations from all of us at the Consortium!