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Sarah's campaign and the Changing Places Facebook page

20th Sep 2019



My name is Sarah, and I am a children’s learning disability nurse. I set up and currently run the Facebook page for Changing Places ten years ago, as I felt and still believe that the social media presence for this campaign is extremely important. It allows campaigners to connect, for people to be able to see and find out where their nearest Changing Places are, and fundamentally helps create awareness for the campaign. The page currently has over 33k supporters, it offers campaigning advice and shares how truly life changing these facilities are.

I also set up and manage two Changing Places groups. The Changing Places facebook forum, and Changing Places USA, two smaller private groups which allow campaigners to connect, and those who need the facilities or know those who do to swap and share stories.
I supported the campaign in 2015 and helped take a Changing Places petition to Parliament, helping to write the speech for the MP who addressed this issue. I have attended and contributed to training and development for new campaigners.
I am extremely passionate about this campaign, I am excited about the future of this campaign, and look forward to a day where it is no longer needed.