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Service station funding- deadline coming soon!

9th Jan 2020

Service station funding


Happy New Year all! We are looking forward to getting more Changing Places toilets registered across the UK and beyond in 2020.


We just wanted to post a reminder that the second round of funding applications is still open for motorway and A-road service stations in England until the end of January. This funding came from the Department for Transport with the purpose of increasing Changing Places toilet provision at service stations across the English road network. Service stations can apply here. 


Help us spread the word

We want to see this funding put to the best use possible and increase the availability of Changing Places toilets across the English road network. Since the second funding round launched we have repeatedly contacted all service station providers with details of the funding and how they can apply.

You can help us make sure we get as many applications as possible by contacting service stations that do not currently provide Changing Places toilets and encouraging them to apply for funding. Let them know what a life changing difference having a Changing Places toilet would make. The key providers are listed below:











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Please reach out to these providers and remind them why Changing Places toilets are so important to hundreds of thousands of families across the UK. Many thanks to all of you who have already been campaigning hard to get service stations to apply for the funding. 


Current provision at service stations

You can check the list of registered and planned Changing Places toilets below.


Currently registered




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To be installed (from first round of funding)


  • Rugby, M6

  • Knutsford (Northbound), M6

  • Hilton Park (Southbound), M6

  • Ferrybridge, M62/A1M

  • Reading (Eastbound), M4

  • Heston (Westbound), M4


  • Strensham (Northbound), M5

  • Strensham (Southbound), M5

  • Tibshelf (Northbound), M1

  • Tibshelf, (Southbound), M1

  • Sedgemoor, M5

  • Taunton Deane (Northbound), M5

  • Northampton (Northbound), M1

  • Northampton (Southbound), M1

  • Rownhams (Southbound), M27

  • Maidstone, M20

  • Durham, A1M

  • Clacket Lane (Westbound), M25

  • Chester, M56

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  • Birchanger Green, M11



  • Gloucester (Northbound), M5

  • Tebay (Southbound), M6

You can find out more background to the funding here.