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Steve and Trev

4th Mar 2013

Steve and Trev


Steve and Trev promote Changing Places

Changing Places campaigners are working hard across the UK in many different ways to spread the word and let others know why Changing Places are so important.
Steven and Trevor got in touch to say they had built a model Changing Places toilet and posted a video on their youtube channel “2arttoyguys”. It is a wonderful short film that explains what a Changing Places toilet is and why we need Changing Places in all large accessible buildings. The model is about two feet long by about 1ft and has a papier mache figure entering it. They have used Changing Places postcards and a leaflet to decorate the sides.
Steven and Trevor said:” “We hope you like it. We hope to display the model at various events. At present it is in our own display unit at the Custard Factory in Birmingham along with all our other models.”
The Changing Places consortium fully support Steven and Trevor’s campaign and hope to see many more Changing Places toilets in the Birmingham area in the coming years.

Watch the film here.

Watch the making of the Changing Places model here.