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Two new Changing Places surveys launched

13th Sep 2018


We want to hear your views about Changing Places toilets!

As part of the Changing Places campaign, Muscular Dystrophy UK has set up two surveys to gather up-to-date information from Changing Places users and campaigners, as well as venues.



  • The venue survey focuses on the decision making process venues go through when assessing whether they can provide a Changing Places toilet as well as barriers they may face. 


The information will be used to evaluate the impact of the campaign and to further inform our campaign goals. It is also an opportunity for us to gather your stories about what Changing Places toilets mean to you and what life is like when these vital facilities are unavailable. 


Please share the surveys widely with anyone you think would be interested in participating. The data is collected by Muscular Dystrophy UK as Changing Places co-chair on behalf of the Changing Places Consortium. If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please contact us at