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Working together in 2014

9th Jan 2014

Working together in 2014

2014 is set to be a great one for the Changing Places campaign and our supporters across the UK. We are delighted to be working with our campaign sponsors Aveso alongside The Johsua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity to see more Changing Places registered on the national register providing opportunities for those who need addition support with their personal needs.
We have met Josh’s mum Dawn with Lucy and Wendy from Aveso and are planning to work with the “SuperJosh” Charity to train campaigners across the UK to promote the need for Changing Places toilets. We hope to be facilitating training events for campaigners across the UK soon so watch this space for more info.
You can follow Josh and his charity on twitter @JourneyJoshuas or @superjcharity or find out more at his website:

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The official sponsor of the Changing Places campaign is Aveso Ltd.  Aveso hope that its support for the campaign will help it achieve its target of 1000 registered Changing Places toilets within the next three years.

Find out more about Josh and his charity here: